I am fascinated by language and culture. The experiences of growing up bilingual, speaking Korean and English, and as a first-generation American have afforded me an opportunity to compare and contrast two very different languages and cultures from a personal, primary perspective. I investigate how and where the two languages and cultures overlap, differ, and how they influence each other; they are a constant interest and source of curiosity and insight.

As an artist and graphic designer, I communicate in visual languages that are rich in cultural nuances that evolve similarly to spoken languages. With visual and interactive art I aim to deepen our understanding of cultures through the lens of the visual languages we use to communicate. In so doing, I hope to expand our ability to visually communicate through a deeper understanding of society and culture, give precedence to the underrepresented, and to engage our communities.

My practice is a mediation of interdisciplinary strategies that include interactive installations, books, 2-dimensional print, and time-based media that explore different dynamics of opposing technologies, formats, and ideas. It also includes community workshops, lectures, and presentations. I continue to collaborate with cultural and educational organizations as a designer, creative director, and visual culture consultant. As an educator, my focus is to equip students with self-sustaining skills to develop their own learning and creative processes, formal and conceptual methodologies, and strategies to stay engaged and continue to evolve as self-actualized individuals.

Reflecting culture is not enough. To paraphrase Paul Rand, I hope to broaden perception, magnify experience, and enhance the vision of who we are and what we can be.